About Hilary

Hilary’s family would like to express their gratitude for all of the tributes left on Hilary’s muchloved.com page. They have been a huge comfort to all those who were close to her.

The Trustees of Hilary’s Dream Trust would also like to thank all those who have generously made a donation. We would like to reassure everyone that we are as committed as ever to continuing Hilary’s dream of making sailing accessible to people with a disability and have a number of projects lined up for the year ahead.

August 18th 2018 – It is with deep regret that Hilary’s Dream Trust announces the passing of its founder – Hilary Lister – an inspiration to many, a recipient of many accolades and a record holder of many sailing achievements. If you would like to donate to the continuing work of the trust, please donate here.

Additionally if you wish to pay a tribute to Hilary please do so; start by copying and pasting this link into your browser…..


Born able bodied, a degenaritive condition put her in a wheelchair at the age of 15. Always an active person, she found that funding for activities became increasingly difficult to find once she reached 18. Determined to follow her dream and lead an independent life, she went on to study Biochemistry at Jesus College Oxford. While studying for a PhD, Hilary’s condition worsened; she has been paralysed from the neck down since the age of 27.

She started sailing with Westbere Sailing Opportunities, based outside Canterbury, in 2003. “Within 30 seconds of being in a boat I was in love”, she remembers. The frustration of being unable to control anything soon proved too much. One day she came off the water having decided to sail the Channel, solo. UKSA and Pindar helped her to fulfil the dream that WSO had inspired, using the sip-puff technology from her wheelchair in 2005. She went on to sail solo around the Isle of Wight in 2007. She sailed around Britain in 2009, a feat which was judged by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) to put her in the top four sailors in the world.

The frustration that she felt being unable to control a boat was made worse by the difficulty in obtaining funding. Hilary was extremely fortunate to find a sponsor in Andrew Pindar who made it possible for her to sail the Channel. Very few people get the chance to approach sponsors for such an unusual project. She wanted to make sure that disabled and disadvantaged adults would have somewhere to turn for help and Hilary’s Dream Trust was formed.

To view details of the major projects achieved in her lifetime we suggest visiting her (old) website www.hilarylister.com  which is still available to view but which will no longer be updated. She had commissioned a new website, but sadly did not live to see it through to its launch.