August 18th 2018

It is with deep regret that Hilary’s Dream Trust announces the passing of its founder – Hilary Lister – an inspiration to many, a recipient of many accolades and a record holder of many sailing achievements. If you would like to donate to the continuing work of the trust, please donate here.

Additionally if you wish to pay a tribute to Hilary¬†please do so; start by copying and pasting this link into your browser…..


History of the Trust

Hilary’s Dream Trust was established to help adults who are disabled or financially disadvantaged to fulfil their sailing dreams. We can do this either by acting as a source of information, or by helping with financing of a project.

As a disabled child Hilary found that obtaining funding for activity was relatively straightforward. However, when she reached 18, many sources of funding dried up. Hilary was extremely fortunate to find sponsors in Andrew Pindar and UKSA who made it possible for her to sail the Channel. She wanted to make sure that other disabled and disadvantaged adults would have somewhere to turn for help and Hilary’s Dream Trust was formed.

We can help individuals by acting as a source of information or by helping with financial support of a project.

All we ask in return, if appropriate, is that you to help raise money and awareness for the trust so that others can be helped.