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Our Mission

Charity no: 1124146

Hilary’s Dream Trust was established to help adults who are disabled or financially disadvantaged to fulfil their sailing dreams. 

As a disabled child, Hilary found that obtaining funding for activity was relatively straightforward. However, when she reached 18, many sources of funding dried up. Hilary was extremely fortunate to find sponsors in Andrew Pindar and UKSA who made it possible for her to sail the Channel. She wanted to make sure that other disabled and disadvantaged adults would have somewhere to turn for help and Hilary’s Dream Trust was formed.

We can help individuals by acting as a source of information or by helping with financial support of a project.

All we ask in return, if appropriate, is that you to help raise money and awareness for the trust so that others can be helped.

Our Work

Over the past two years, we have given over 30 disabled adults a first taste of sailing/a day’s sailing experience.  This was done within a safe environment and in collaboration with another sailing charity.  Feedback from participants was excellent.  They reported a significant impact on their mental well-being and health.  Some of the participants have continued to sail.
We have awarded individual grants to MS sufferers to participate in specialist sailing experiences, particularly Oceans of Hope Challenge UK (OoH). The feedback we received from one of the founders of OoH Challenge UK confirms that our support to participants we assisted has aided those individuals enormously especially with their mental health, recovery, and resilience.
We are continuing to support Oceans of Hope Challenge UK by funding three boats for three days sailing from Port Solent in April 2021.
We have recently awarded an individual grant to enable the purchase of a Hansa 303 sailing boat, which will be sailing in the Lake District.
We have provided funding to enable a Kent-based sailing club to install a permanent gantry/hoist and longer pontoon.  This now provides significantly greater and safer accessibility for disabled sailors.
We will continue to hold sailing taster days as this has been a successful way to introduce disabled and disadvantaged adults to sailing.  Our focus will be to involve and work with different disabled charities to introduce their members to sailing. We will actively encourage individuals to apply for grants or advice to help them continue to sail.

Click here to apply for support.

Read our 2022 Annual Report here.

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