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Give your support

Your support of "Hilary's Dream Trust"  gives others the opportunity to benefit from a life changing experience.


By donating to “Hilary’s Dream Trust”, your money will help provide the necessary support to help other disabled and/or disadvantaged sailors follow their dreams.

Converting a boat so that a disabled person can use it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Very often it’s a question of simply rethinking the problem. Cushions, beanbags and duct tape have all been used to great effect for many years. Now there are sailors who would like to push themselves beyond their current limits. Your help can make all the difference.

You can do something as sensible as a charity bike ride, or as mad as sitting in custard! We don’t mind how you do it, but “every little helps”, as they say…

We can even offer advice on how to get started if you want to raise money. Download our guide here and remember to always stay safe with our pointers here.

We are hugely grateful for all donations no matter the size, every penny goes to helping get out on the water. Donations can be made via the link below which will take you to Wonderful Donations. 100% of your pledge (including gift-aid) will reach us.

Thank you!

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