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Hilary's Dream Trust Annual Update 2020-2021

Many thanks to those who have raised funds and given their support to Hilary’s Dream Trust (HDT) over the past two years. The Trust would not succeed without the continuing commitment and work of its trustees and supporters – thank you!

On 18 January 2020 Martin Cox and Toby May gave a presentation to members of the Mariners of Bewl (MoB) at Bewl Water, Kent. We raised a modest monetary contribution but the real value in giving talks such as this one enables us to keep people interested and engaged in what we do.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has presented us with challenges. Planned taster day events were put on hold and fundraising efforts slowed considerably. In spite of this we have enabled more disabled and disadvantaged adults the opportunity to go sailing than we have ever done before, and for many it was their first time on the water.

We provided two grants to Oceans of Hope Challenge UK, funding two sailing events in 2021. In April our grant gave Oceans of Hope the opportunity to take 40 adults sailing in Port Solent. Oceans of Hope told their story, and our story, on social media, in the press, on the radio and on podcasts. The centre of this narrative was to give people a chance to experience sailing. To experience new possibilities.

During the summer our second grant enabled Oceans of Hope give over 260 adults all over the UK the opportunity to go sailing at no cost to them. With our support Oceans of Hope were able to take more people sailing than they had ever taken before!

Robert Munns, the CEO of Oceans of Hope Challenge UK, stated “I always say that we bring people together with this stupid STUPID disease, we put them on a boat and we give them an opportunity that normal life does not permit. An opportunity to decide whether or not they are going to be magnificent today.

The support of Hilary's Dream Trust, will help give over 260 people that very important choice this year.”

We provided funds to an individual enabling him to buy his first boat, a Hansa 303 Wide Sail boat, which will be sailed in the Lake District.

“I could not afford a type of boat that I needed to enable me to get out onto the water and this is when Hilary‘s Dream Trust offered their support. I could not raise the full amount to purchase a boat so Hilary‘s Dream Trust made a very generous donation that allowed this happen. I now have my own boat and can get out onto the lake whenever I like, providing the winds aren’t too strong! So here’s to sailing and all that it has to offer, to both the thrill and adventure and the calm and peace. Happy sailing!”

We funded a place on an RYA Competent Crew course for an individual, “With MS its hard sometimes to know how you are going to feel on a day-to-day basis, or if today is the day you can walk without tripping up, walking into something or stumbling on your own tired feet, but that week I spent it engaged in learning about how to sail, being able to hoist a sail, helm the yacht and to do a “Man Overboard” without worrying for one minute that I cannot do this and forgetting that I have MS, the only time I remembered was bedtime – closing my eyes, tiredness coming over me and hearing the water lapping on the side of the boat and peacefulness across the horizon (oh and the snoring, contented crew mates). I want to thank Hilary Dreams Trust for funding my Competent Crew Course, without their help I would not have been able to get my Competent Crew and continue going forward into a sport that I am passionate about and still want to learn more.”

Going forward - We are planning our third sailing taster day with the Mariners of Bewl, which will enable more disabled and disadvantaged adults to experience sailing for the first time.

A new website has been launched, which we hope will lead to more opportunities to help even more disabled/disadvantaged adults, raise more funds, attract volunteers and develop partnerships within the sailing community.

Our goal in all our endeavours is to help and support disabled/disadvantaged adults achieve their sailing dreams and support their recovery and resilience.

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